IAB-Dashboards, the Belgian consumers’ digital connectivity and attitude

Every day, we share on the IAB-Community new studies and insights in how consumers are connected online and how they use the digital devices in their daily live to interact with brands. But far too often this data doesn’t focus on the Belgian market or the data is just not comparable with other interesting data. And that’s the reason why IAB Belgium launches the IAB Dashboards: to deliver to our market key facts on the connectivity, usage and attitudes of the Belgian consumer on a regular basis.

Partnering with Nielsen, we can deliver this. And thanks to Wondergraphs, we can translate these valuable insights into an 24/7 accessible online tool to dive in the data. In our Whitepaper, you can discover the key facts of this first wave of the IAB Dashboards. Every 6 months, the IAB-Dashboards will be updated with the results of the new waves.

How to access the results?

1. Read the IAB Dashboards Whitepaper
The Whitepaper summarizes the key results in 8 chapters, including feedback of digital experts.

2. Dive in the data
You can play with the data in realtime! By clicking on the items below, you see the results and filter the data based on sex, age, function, income,… And you can even share your graphs with your colleagues.
Try it now: the first three items are open for everyone!

Want to get more insights?

IAB-Belgium Members: you can access the first 9 items for free (download here your access code). To access the whole database, you can buy a company subscription for 1 year and get access to all the waves during that period (€500/year VAT excl.).
Non-members: Get your company subscription to receive the Whitepaper and the access to the whole data set of all the waves during 1 year (€900/year VAT excl.). The access code you’ll receive is valid during one year for the whole company.


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